Why Jabez?

There is a difference...

At Jabez we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to serving our clients. This includes obtaining multiple price quotes for any applications, projects or solutions they might need while also working on the front end to drive down costs as low as possible before our customers ever commit to the first service.

We are the difference...

As a faith based radio broadcast ministry, we have over 190 radio stations in 37 states and use several different telephone companies for our services. My day to day job requires that I take care of managing the needs of our workforce from insurance, compliance, employee interaction and other responsibilities.  I am not in the phone business and did not want to be! Almost five years ago, Jabez Telecom said they could manage all of our telecom, internet and data needs and reduce our expenses for these services as well. I had my doubts at first that they would be able to deliver all that was promised.  I was wrong!  They have delivered in spades!  Today, we make one phone call to Jabez Telecom and they take care of anything we need. Their recommendations have saved our ministry money over the years and they continue to add significant value to our ministry.

Durick Hayden – Vice President, Human Resources
American Family Association – Tupelo, MS

Talk to any one of our clients and they will tell you that Jabez is different. And that difference becomes apparent the moment you have a problem. If your service fails for any reason just call us no matter what, no matter when. Jabez will immediately step in to troubleshoot the situation and pinpoint the problem. Let us work towards a solution while you focus on what really matters; running your business as smoothly as possible.

  • Holistic approach to serving our customers
  • Multiple price quotes for most applications/projects/services
  • Drive cost down as low as possible before our customers commit to a service
  • Total implementation management
  • Monthly billing review to ensure accuracy
  • 24/7/365 trouble management
  • Telecom assets directory