Team Jabez

At Jabez we believe that our team forms the front line and the last line of defense for your business. As the front line we continually put our 40+ years of telecommunications experience at your disposal as we negotiate services and monitor the market as a whole. We also form the connection between your business and the army of people working behind the scenes at the various carriers we represent.

At Wilkins Research, we are in the business of collecting data using various communication tools. Because of this, our long distance, and the customer service that supports it, is critical to our daily operations. Jabez Telecom has been an enormous support to Wilkins Research since we brought them on board.

It doesn’t matter if it is late evening hours or early morning weekends – they have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in their role as our long distance service representative.

Lisa Wilkins – President
Wilkins Research Services, LLC – Chattanooga, TN

And when all else fails, your Jabez team is still here, working for you no matter what time day or night. The telecommunication industry is constantly changing and evolving. This is why our team is constantly training and learning. We undergo extensive certification courses with carriers and service providers to ensure we maintain a high level of industry knowledge.

What does this mean for you? It means that we have the knowledge to understand your needs; the experience to know what those needs look like in the real world; the training to offer the best products and solutions; and the connections to find the answer to any possible question.

Experience matters. Let us put our experience to work for the success of your business.