Who We Are

At Jabez Telecom we believe we are unique in the telecommunications industry for several reasons.

First, we believe that God has gifted us as telecommunications professionals to serve Him through service to our customers…making us His craftsmen. Therefore, our tools are the actual products and services offered by the carriers we represent while the people that support those products become the resources that aid us in serving Jabez Telecom customers. Together we use these tools and resources to support our client’s voice, data, cloud and mobility needs.

We believe we are an advocate for our customers. As we understand the various ways our clients use these services, we also understand what is important to them and what their expectations are. We honor those expectations and we act on their behalf with the service providers to provide a level of service unsurpassed in the telecommunications industry. Thus bridging the gap between the market and all of the various carriers and service providers we represent.

How is Jabez different? It is an Attitude of Ownership, a foundational philosophy that includes:

  • Our perception that the money our customers’ invest in communications services is our own investment. We literally view those dollars as our dollars and hold this foundational belief of stewardship as key in our organizational mission. Why does this matter? Because it changes the perspective from which we do business.
  • We also strive to add value by “owning” the process of implementing new solutions or migrating an existing solution from one carrier or service provider to another. Entrusting this task to us enables our clients to remain focused on operating their business.
  • Ownership to us also includes our desire to own the ongoing management of telco services 24/7/365 and we’re prepared at any hour of any day to resolve service impacting issues when they occur. We strive to become an outsourced extension of our customer’s business by earning trust through service, commitment and clear communication.

At the end of the day it’s about relationships. Through strong, intentional relationships we strive to add value in every possible way as we work to connect with our customers far beyond the scope of communications. It’s about going beyond what other companies see as “reasonable” as we provide our clients with the best possible customer experience at the lowest possible price. And it’s about building a new normal. In our culture “normal” is to sell a product or service for as much as someone can tolerate. To us this equation contradicts the Jabez Telecom corporate philosophy. We work to maximize value and minimize cost as we delivery the exact mix of products and services that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Our number one objective is to serve our customers and deliver a level of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We also believe that the level of service does in fact exceed what our competitors provide. Finally, this is our craft that God has equipped us with to serve Him and we believe there is a difference in the way we value and serve our customers. It is our hope that our prospective customers see’s value in our corporate philosophy and will invite us to share “The Jabez difference” story.