Telecom Optimization

Our greatest desire, as well as one of our greatest strengths, is to provide reliable, cost effective solutions for our customers. To that end, we consistently see that companies are operating with fewer resources and very little time to sufficiently review telecom expenses. With years of experience and an ingrained determination to drive cost down, we possess a very high success rate of reducing expenses for wireline and mobile services while also containing those costs on an ongoing basis.

First and foremost Jabez Telecom delivers a top-notch customer experience. They always put our needs first and genuinely show appreciation for our business. In addition to great customer service, Jabez Telecom found substantial savings on our long distance and mobile data plans. Included with the cost savings is account management services, which frees up our time to focus on other activities.

We are extremely happy with our decision to partner with Jabez Telecom and we strongly recommend them to any organization looking to save money and time on managing telecommunication expenses.

Tim Tingle, IT Manager
J + J Flooring Group – Dalton, GA

Mobile and landline:

  • Plan Optimization Analysis
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Contract Analysis & Negotiation