Internet Connectivity

If there is anything we at Jabez have learned in the past 10 years it is that different customers have different needs. What might be the perfect Internet answer for one client does not meet the bandwidth needs of another. Our job is to understand this fact and to respond with targeted solutions that form an ideal fit for your organization.

With the proliferation of “IP” solutions available today, Internet connectivity has become even more critical to business operations today. At Jabez we represent all of the predominate Internet providers throughout the United States and have the resources in place to also provide global connectivity solutions.

These companies offer secure, reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity that is critical to your business needs. Their technology will allow you to harness the power of Tier 1 Internet backbone and experience uniform, fast and consistent upload and download speeds that are backed by performance service level agreements (SLAs).

Internet Connectivity Services Include:

  • DSL
  • Cable – Coax or Fiber
  • Traditional TDM (1.5Mbps – OC-n)
  • Ethernet (2.0Mbps – 100.0GB)
  • Enterprise-grade, guaranteed bandwidth, high speed Dedicated Internet Access
  • Managed router services
  • 24 /7/365 monitoring, management and technical support
  • Carrier portals for easy monitoring and management